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Playback Theatre

Playback Theatre Troupe Auditions

Auditions for Matrix Playback Theatre Troupe are March 11th


Join the Troupe!

Matrix Theatre Company in collaboration with Michigan Humanities would like to invite you to audition for the 2023 Matrix Playback Theatre Troupe!

When: March 11th 

Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm 

Where: Matrix Theatre Company, 2730 Bagley, Detroit


Matrix is building an 8-12 person troupe that will rehearse and perform 2-4 Playback Theatre shows between May and July 2023, as well as host open practices at Matrix Theatre. Additional training in the form will be provided.  Shows and training are paid! Persons ages 18+ are welcome to audition!


Come with... 

Some Knowledge of Playback Theatre and its forms!  

  • The best way to get that is to attend one of Matrix’s Free Playback Workshops! See the dates and registration below!

Comfortable clothes you can move in 

Any musical instruments you play! (only instruments without the need for amplification).

What to Expect:

Auditions will be run like an open practice /workshop 

You will participate as a group in the following… 

    1.  warm-ups (related to the form) 

    2.  short forms – Fluid Sculptures & Pairs 

    3.  long form - Stories 

Participants may be released after the first hour. 

Callbacks may be scheduled if needed.

Responsibilities of Troupe Membership (once cast) *paid 

Attend all training (up to 4 hours) * 

Attend 2-4 hours of rehearsal for each show cast in 

Perform in 2-4 shows by the end of July*  

Actively promote  

Participate in at least 4 open workshops at Matrix  

What we are looking for 

Folks with a variety of backgrounds, interests, and identities 

A diverse group of people that represent our current and changing neighborhood 

Detroit / Detroit adjacent folks 

Bilingual individuals 


Individuals willing to participate as conductor, actors, and musicians 

Good Listeners 

Familiarity with Improv basics/rules 

Team players  

Community Builders 

Egoless performers 

Creative Thinkers 

Playback Theatre Training Workshop

Workshops will Resume in May 2023; Check back her for New Dates!

Updated Final Playback Flyer.png


FREE! Two hour trainings in Playback Theatre Form and Theory!

Matrix Theatre in Collaboration with Michigan Humanities Council present a Playback Theatre Training Series!

Playback Theatre is Improvisational Story Re-Telling; an interactive theatre experience in which audience members share true stories and then watch Playback members recreate them on the spot. Playback can be hilarious, poignant, any anything in-between. It happened in the moment and no two shows are alike, as no two audiences are the same. You do not need to be an actor or have any experience in theatre or improv to come, they are open for all!


If you like the form and want to be more involved, Matrix will be holding auditions for our very own Playback Troupe in March 2023*!

*Anyone, ANY age and skill level is welcome to register for a workshop. Playback Theatre Troupe auditions will only be open to participants 18+


Workshops will Resume in May 2023; Check back her for New Dates!


For questions regarding our SOT Programming or to register over the phone, please contact Director of Education, Amy Johnson at or 313-967-0999 x3.

Matrix Summer Showcase 6.png
Matrix Summer Showcase 1.png
Matrix Summer Showcase 2.png

What makes Matrix School of Theatre so UNIQUE?


We focus on the development and empowerment of all people through Theatre!

More than a final performance, our classes focus on the following tenants:

Self-Exploration & Self Confidence

  • Students express themselves through exploratory activities

  • Students create original work based on their interests, thereby allowing students the freedom and space to develop and share their individual opinions and voices

  • Students practice and perform in front of others

  • Students develop literacy skills through playwriting and free writing exercises


  • Students engage in partner and group work to build plays and performance pieces

  • Students build relationships with students they may have never met outside of Matrix

Social Justice

  • Students examine their communities and their role within them

  • Students become advocates for change

Contact Director of Education Amy Johnson for more information at (313) 967-0999 ext. 3 or email her here.


Payment plans and need-based financial scholarships are based on availability (except for "Play Time") through the Dr. Shaun S. Nethercott Scholarship Fund. For payment plan and scholarship information, please click here or contact Director of Education, Amy Johnson, at or (313) 967-0999 ext. 3.

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