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Dr. Shaun S. Nethercott Scholarship Fund

Matrix Theatre Company was founded in 1991 by Dr. Shaun S. Nethercott, who also served as Matrix's Executive Director until her retirement in 2015. To honor her legacy, in 2016, the Matrix Board of Directors established the Dr. Shaun S. Nethercott Scholarship Fund. These restricted funds will be used to provide financial assistance to youth and families who want to participate in Matrix's programs but may not have the resources to afford tuition. All donations will go toward offsetting or eliminating tuition fees for families wanting to enroll youth in classes at the Matrix School of Theatre.


To make a contribution to the Nethercott Scholarship Fund, call 313-967-0999 ext. 6.

Founding Funders

The following donors are the Founding Funders of the Dr. Shaun S. Nethercott Scholarship Fund. We are very grateful for their generosity and their commitment to fostering youth development through the arts.

Mitchel Blum-Alexander


Laura Varon Brown

Scott and Patty Brown

Birdie Buckley-Ball

Nicole Calhoun-Huddleston

Tom and Mary Tereza Centlivre

Michele Dragisity

Derek Edwards

Jim Edwards

Janice Fialka and Rich Feldman

Lora Frankel

Elizabeth Grace

Keith and Tada Gunter

Deborah Haller

Joseph Heaphy

Burney Johnson

Mylika L. Johnson

Kathleen Lomako

Alice Mason and Bob O'Brien

Mary Ann McCourt

Elizabeth Miller

Vince and Ursula Murray

Lynn S. Naoum

Jessica Pappas

Jasmine Rivera and David Wolber

Marc and Lynn Rosen

Sue Sattler, IHM

Maureen Sheahan and Al Cholger

Shiffman Foundation

Sue Stetler

Julie Stitt

Amy and Jarrett Thomas

David Vivio

Jeanne Vogt

Dan and Stella Woitulewicz

Edward and Linda Wolyniec

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